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IlisTransfers offers  a wide range of cars to choose from luxury cars, to vans and mini buses. Our team offers consistency, responsibility, confidentiality and conveniency in your transportations.

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We have perfect timing transportation from and to all hotels 24 hours a day.

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The most experienced team

Our team offers consistency, responsibility, confidentiality and conveniency in your transportations.

Luxury & Comfort transport

Dedication to security, comfort and reliability.

Child transport

We have special car seats for child transport with safety.

Transport for people with special needs.​

We have specially modified cars for people with special needs.

Flexible tour packages that cover your needs.​

Organize your trip the way you like depending on your preferences and needs.

Resonable and affordable prices.

Reasonable prices which meet the high standards we provide.


Our Tour Proposals

Athens - Acropolis Parthenon

Athens is a vibrant city with unlimited choices and lots of contrasts that make you fall in love with it. It is the historic capital of Europe, since from the Neolithic to the present day it never ceased to be inhabited. Its values ​​and culture have surpassed the geographical boundaries of the city and have acquired worldwide attraction radiation. Political thinking, democracy, theater, the arts, philosophy, science, and architecture came to their heels in the 5th century BC, which was called the “golden age”.

Today, the visit to Athens offers an unforgettable experience. A “journey” to the history of 6,000 years! Visit great monuments, such as the Acropolis, the Parthenon, the Archaeological Museum and many more, as well as admire the masterpieces of art from antiquity and medieval times.

Private tours to Olympia

In western Peloponnese, the so-called Valley of the gods, lies the most celebrated sanctuary of ancient Greece and the birthplace of the most important sporting events, Ancient Olympia.

Olympia, one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece, was in ancient times the most important religious and athletic center, an institution with nationwide radiation and glare from antiquity until today. Fame rests upon the Olympic Games,  which were held every four years in honor of Zeus, in classical times. In Ancient Olympia there was the gold and ivory statue of Zeus by Phidias, who was known in antiquity as one of the 7 wonders of the world.

Delphi Tours

The full day tour to Delphi is an exciting tour to the history of the famous Oracle of Apollo that dominated the Greek history and mythology 2500 years ago. Driving through the gorgeous countryside, the tour takes you for a full day private sightseeing in Delphi, where you can visit the museum and the archaeological site of Delphi.

Private tours to Meteora

The private tours to Meteora takes you to one of the most impressive landscapes in the world, the suspended rocks of Meteora with the Byzantine monasteries built on the pinnacles of huge rocks. The word  which describes this place  is serenity. It is a site you simply cannot miss.